The New Wave | Men's Grooming

Your appearance is the first thing others notice. They form their opinion about you accordingly. Therefore, it is important to concentrate on your grooming. It cannot be denied that men have finally come to their senses when it comes to good grooming and fashion statement. Long gone is the "rugged, dirty" masculine description of men. Men have finally accepted the fact that it's not only women who need to look good to feel good. With this, many technology and products have invaded the market in order to cater to the needs of men in good grooming.

Of all the products that are very practical and very much needed by men these days, the shaving cream is on top of the list. Men, in general, cannot live a day or two without this product. We can live a day without the presence of our wives but not without the shaving cream. Okay, this may sound a bit exaggerated after all it's the wife who does the shopping for our shaving cream. But, honestly, shaving cream is a must-have for every man. Whether Straight or gay.

Guys, what is in your personal grooming kit? Numerous things I assume like mini shaver, hair trimmer for the nose, face mask pack, mini deodorant, nail cutter, brush and a shaving cream. Men are not like women who pack needs so many things to groom themselves. Men only need a few things to keep themselves clean, presentable and well-groomed. Some men would even just bring the basics like shaver, shaving cream and a brush and that's enough stuff to keep them well-groomed. If you are a career man who is always on-the-go, you travelled from one state to another, from one country to another. Then read on for tips on how to keep you looking squeaky clean in just a matter of minutes:

1. Always have a sharp razor or shaver in hand and brush. This is every man's magic wand. Also, learn the art of shaving...shaving in one direction and that is to shave against the direction of your hair growth. Otherwise, you will have the tendency of getting cuts.

2. Invest in an expensive, well-known perfume. Okay, branded perfume may cost you a lot but it is worth every cent you pay for. After a long, thorough bath always spray your favorite cologne on your dry body to keep you feeling fresh and smelling clean the whole day. But do not forget to put on your deodorant first before lavishly spraying the perfume or the bad odor of sweat and the smell of your perfume might mix giving off an unpleasant smell.