Aji in the barbershop

Haircut & Shave Company is a small business encountered on the various fora over the past several years, with increasing frequency and a growing reputation amongst cognoscenti for outstanding craftsmanship, thanks to the vision of its founder Aji Sunjaya. Prior to entering the shaving hardware business, Aji had been in the men’s grooming business for 19 years and has owned/operated multiple barbershops in Eastern Maryland over the past decade.  2018 marked the year he began work on his now-famous N075 DE razor (originally produced from a hybrid of 303 Stainless Steel with Black Hardcote Al baseplate), eventually evolving into the N075 ALL Stainless Steel version possessing a user-friendly combination of 0.75" blade gap and neutral blade exposure - appealing to a wide audience upon which his reputation was built. 


The success of the original razor inspired Aji to consider a more efficient razor to keep pace with the trending desire among DE enthusiasts for closer shaves, but his focus was on maintaining smoothness with the increased efficiency.  Thus, the P076 design concept was born, adding an ever so slight blade gap increase with slightly blade foreward presence to shave closer whilst yet retaining everyday smoothness/usability.  Further differentiating the new razor, Aji decided to pursue the harder and more difficult to machine 17-4 Stainless in BOTH straight bar and OPEN COMB design – yes, OC in a 17-4 razor!  Haircut & Shave Company is committed to a strategy of sustainable growth, increasing the company’s presence by adding products and services over time, positioning the company as a reliable full service provider for the wet shaving community both online and in person at his brick and mortar facility.