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Why do we use Shaving Cream?

Why do we use Shaving Cream?


          Many who are asked that question would probably answer “Because that is the way I was taught”. In fact though, the use of shaving cream has a very important role to play in the shaving ritual. Using a good quality shaving cream will enhance the shaving experience and protect your skin. Let’s take a quick look at the purpose of using shaving cream, and then examine some ingredients to look for when choosing a quality cream.

We use shaving cream to prepare hairs to be cut.

          Whiskers are naturally dry, brittle, and tough. Even with a sharp blade, these attributes make them hard to cut. The much softer skin can be damaged, making the shaving process a little painful, lead to skin irritation, and cuts.

          We use shaving cream to moisturize and soften the prickly beard hairs. As the razor blade comes in contact with the now softened hairs, less force is needed to cut them. Therefore, a less painful and smoother shave is experienced, leaving you with smooth and fresh looking skin.

Tip: Apply shaving cream in a direction that causes the hairs to stand up instead of lay down. This application process will help you to get a closer shave.

We use shaving cream to prepare the skin.

          Shaving can have a harsh effect on the skin. As the blade is pulled across the hairs, friction is created along the skin’s surface. This friction can irritate the skin causing a burning sensation and redness.

           We use shaving cream to lubricate the skin. A thin layer of lubrication on the skin’s surface means that less force is needed to drag the blade across the skin. Therefore, the cutting process is clean and smooth instead of being bumpy and choppy, giving you a closer and smoother shave.

Tip:  Instead of just laying the cream overtop of the beard, work the cream into the beard. Make sure the cream has good consistent contact with your skin. Many individuals like to use a shaving brush because it does a better job of working the shaving cream down to the skin's surface. 

We use shaving cream to help keep our skin healthy.

           The natural properties in skin help it to stay moist and supple. Shaving can make your skin dry and feeling rough. Not using a good quality shaving cream could leave your skin red, irritated, or cut up.

           A good quality shaving cream not only helps in the shaving process, but actually helps to care for your skin. Like a good quality shampoo or lotion, it will contain nutrients that will vitalize and nourish the skin to help keep it healthy.

Tip:  When choosing a shaving cream, look at the ingredients. Choose one that contains nutrients that you know are good for your skin, ones that will be refreshing. 

Smooth, fresh looking, and healthy skin – those are the benefits of using a good quality shaving cream.

Your skin benefits from using shaving cream with quality ingredients.

          Aloe: Shaving can cause micro abrasions to your skin. Aloe contain antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory properties that aid the healing process. It helps to moisturize your skin and make it feel smooth. 

          Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a natural skin conditioner. It not only helps to moisturize your skin, but aids in cleansing it. The fatty acids contained in coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties. This protective element is especially important if shaving is causing cuts to your skin. 

          Vitamin E: Vitamin E has a healing effect on skin. Shaving causes some damage to the skin's surface, so Vitamin E is beneficial in the post shave healing process. In addition, it contains anti-oxidant properties that will add to the health of your skin. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory which helps to soothe and calm the skin. 

          Stearic Acid: Stearic acid is a natural acid found in both animal and vegetable fats. Its main purpose in shaving creams is to reduce the surface tension (drag) between your skin and the razor blade. Thus, shaving is easier to accomplish and less damaging to your skin. 

          Allantoin: Allantoin is a compound extracted from the root of the comfrey plant. It promotes hydration of skin cells making the skin soft and resilient. The natural properties of Allantoin encourages cell growth making your skin look fresh and healthy.

          Clarisilk: Clarisilk conditions both the hair and skin; preparing the hair to be cut and giving protection to the skin.

          As can be seen, shaving cream plays a big part in getting a good shave while at the same time protect and enhance your skin. Using a good quality shaving cream will help to keep your skin smooth, fresh looking, and healthy. Your skin says "thank you".

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