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N075 Aluminum Baseplate - Hardcoat Anodized


Baseplate only:

H&S N075 Black Hardcoat Aluminum 7075 Aircraft Grade.


Made in America! You may not notice this label on a lot of products but there are a number of benefits of buying American-made items.

Guaranteed Quality

When a product is made in the USA, it speaks to the craftsmanship and quality of the product. When manufacturers use foreign imports, it doesn’t give a guaranteed quality. Products and shipments can be monitored but that's the best there is. Prices can be higher for USA-made products but it can often be lower over the life of the product due to the product lasting longer than a foreign-made one.

Better for the Environment

Current manufacturing processes in the US mean eco-friendly, cleaner, and renewable products. When you invest in products made in the USA, you can be sure you are doing your part to help create a better environment, not only for this generation but also for generations to come. Products that have to be shipped overseas have a higher carbon footprint and burn fossil fuel with every mile of ravel.

Guaranteed Safer Worker Conditions

The American government oversees working conditions in the manufacturing industry. There are regulations in place to prevent accidents and grant rights to employees. Foreign countries may not have the same level of safety and health and any imports can contribute to the unsafe conditions for these workers.

Promote American Independence

Relying on exports is counterintuitive to national pride. As the country relies on trade agreements in order to get the goods at a lower rate, it lowers the independence the nation has.

Create More Jobs and Support Families

One of the most common reasons that you should buy American made is to help save or create jobs in the country. You can support local families and this has a trickle-down effect. When the manufacturers prosper, the companies hire other American workers to grow their business.

The next time you are shopping and choosing between two similar products, choose American made and feel good about your choice.

It is one thing to buy a great product, and we aim to offer you the best Double Edge (DE) Razor available. It is quite another thing when that great product is also American Made and designed to last your entire life.

DE that Produces More than Just a Great Shave

We know the product is already great. It is a premium DE Safety Razor made using all stainless steel, neutral blade exposure, 0.75 mm blade gap. Product reviews are five-star. It is the perfect shaver for most men.

Not only is the quality constructed designed to last your lifespan or longer, but it is also 100 percent Made in America. This is the part that impresses us. By keeping the construction of the razor in the US, we are supporting small US businesses. That means the money we invest in our product goes directly back into the local economies of those companies we employ, and that is something that helps all Americans. Small as we are, we take pride in contributing to the GDP - Gross Domestic Product - of the United States. We also take pride in the fact that we are helping to keep American works working on American soil.

It is very much the little things. We focused on the little things when we designed each of our products. Part of that process was designing a plan that gave back to our base without taking the easy route of manufacturing what we do overseas. We are American Made, Made in the USA, and very proud both of the quality of our products, and our contribution to keeping this nation great.

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