Barber Shop Shaving Cream
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Barber Shop Shaving Cream

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Barber Shop Shave Cream

Professional grade for a professional shave There is the luxe of a barbershop shave - Close, personal attention, and pampering.

All of those benefits begin with professional grade tools and Haircut & Shave Co. now offers one of the best tools in the barber shop - Barber Shop Shave Cream.

Enjoy the perfect blend of ingredients to produce rich, stiff lather that lifts your beard for an amazingly close shave.

Expect a little bit of pampering with essential herbs and oils that soothe the face - Barber Shop Shave Cream begins with cedar, patchouli and resins base with rich citrus and pink pepper vibes that wakens the skin soothes it with amber.

There is the cool essence of vetiver and geranium that shrink the pores while the hint patchouli ads a dash of manliness to the experience. Looking for the perfect professional shave at home? Start with the quality and experience of Barber Shop Shave Cream by Haircut & Shave Co

Made in England

 Available everywhere you shave!

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