Wet Shaving Facts

Traditional wet shaving has a one-up on shaving with pop-in blades, teary foams, and kits, when many of them offering a sleeker trim, but not without digging deep into our pocketbooks in our pursuit of wanting to look—and feel, good. Wet shaving speaks to a time when shaving was, well shaving. Not a big to-do about which store-bought razors can eliminate stubble while reducing burn. When you wet shave, you pare down the multitude of gadgets to just several or a few that can get the job done—and the best part: you get to look sharp as a dandy or unforgettably pretty. Here’s a intro to what’s at the core of traditional wet shaving that knocks the fear out of which tools to use and the simple products that work in tandem, so you never have to worry about how to get a great—and affordable traditional wet shave again. The best part when you start, is you only need five.